Frequently Asked Questions


Online coaching is suitable for anyone of all backgrounds, abilities and experiences. That is the beauty of holistic coaching as we consider the individual and what they need to reach their goals. No cooker cutter programs or meal plans as the research shows they do not work long term. Online coaching sets you up for long-term impactable success. If you are looking to change your life for good then online coaching is for you.

We are a realistic and sustainable approach to fat loss and wellness. We provide you with the tools and support you need to actually reach your goals and maintain the results forever. Unlike cooker cutter programs or many weight loss clubs out there we provide a bespoke service that tailors every aspect of the program to your needs.

It is a custom service to enable you to learn and grow.

We remove the guesswork so all you have to do is focus on taking one step at a time while still enjoying life. No more putting life on hold as we provide you the knowledge and tools to enable you to reach your goals while still living life to its fullest. And yes that still includes social occasions, alcohol, and birthdays. Say goodbye to working hard and then giving up when something gets in the way as you will be equipped and supported to tackle any barriers that may face you.

We are here to guide, motivate, support and encourage you; whilst holding you accountable and focused on your goals.  At bexifit we are here to work by your side every step of the journey so you get the results you have always wanted and never need to diet again.

Is there a minimum commitment? No, you can cancel anytime as long as you give 30 days’ notice.

We understand investing in yourself can be a commitment therefore we offer a FREE no-obligation consult so you can be certain we are the right service for you. Simply fill out the form and get in touch!

If you are serious about getting results you can get started by filling out the application form.