Changing the physiques and mindsets of people who feel like they have been dieting their whole life.

Get the results you have always wanted without putting life on hold.

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Online Coaching.

Build a life where you look and feel your best.

We coach and educate people from all over the world. From busy parents and students, we work with individuals who all have one thing in common; a goal to make an impactful long-term change.

We believe fitness is a balance of nutrition, movement, and mindset. Everyone lives a different life and everyone has different goals.

We do not believe in fad diets or quick fixes. We coach people to build a lifestyle, mind and body they get to keep forever. We aim to coach and empower people to create a lifestyle they have always wanted.

Whether you have a physique goal, want to improve nutrition and training, or work on your relationship with food, we are your support system to succeed.

Our principles.

Live a life with more energy, confidence, and freedom by developing a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body.


Find food freedom by eating the foods you love while working on your goals. Learn the power of nutrition on the mind and body and use food for both fuel and pleasure. We teach people to build a healthy relationship with food where food serves you. No more food guilt or restrictions. No food is off-limits and we educate you on how to use food to enable you to look and feel your best.


Rewire your mindset so you can unlock your full potential. The brain is the most important muscle to train and we provide the correct tools and strategies for personal growth and development. An optimized mindset is a powerful mindset and can be radiated into all aspects of life: not just fitness.


Live a life where you feel confident in the skin you are in and know your self-worth. Learn how to use nutrition and movement as a way live in a body you are confident in without affecting your relationship with food and body. Use movement as a way to enhance energy and health that works within your lifestyle.


See the stories behind our inspiring clients.

Been working with Bexfit for a few months now. I’ve found having a training program specifically tailored to me and my goals has really taken my training up a level. She is really clued up and passionate about nutrition which is crucial for meeting your training goals. I’d highly recommend Bex for helping you get in shape!
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Alex Tanner-Smith
Bexifit had really helped me shape my goals and has given me tips and advice to get the most out of every workout. I’ve been doing this for a little while now and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. It’s great! Becca really cares and goes above and beyond to help you achieve your targets. Highly recommend.
Lydia Wheeler
Becca is so passionate about what she does and she’s been such a massive help and inspiration to me over the last few months while I’ve been coached by her. She’s helped me go from someone who’s petrified of the gym to someone who trains consistently and has a better relationship with food. Highly highly highly recommend if you’re wanting a down to earth and motivating coach!
Hayleigh Easterbrook

BF Method.

The BF method is a unique approach to losing weight where results are made in a realistic and sustainable manner. Online coaching provides a holistic approach for impactable long-term success.

Beyond the diet

We coach and educate people to build habits and a lifestyle that is sustainable even after they have met their goals. Anyone can follow a fitness plan but what about after? We set people up for success and make this the last diet they ever need.

Not a one size fits all

We do not believe in cookie-cutter programs as we know everyone has different circumstances. We provide evidence-based education and practical real-life advice so people can find a plan that works best for them. In one-to-one coaching, we work together to make you the perfect program you can follow and enjoy

Finding balance

We believe a fulfilling life is a life lived without limits, which is why we strive to push people to their full potential. We aim to educate people to create a balance between health, fitness, and day-to-day life.

Personal online coaching: a bespoke program for long-term results

Online coaching offers the support, education and resources you need to reach your fitness goals.
Both services are tailored to push you physically and mentally so you get the results you have always wanted.
Work directly with your coach to learn the mindset and physiology behind fatloss and how to keep it off.



We understand that there are a lot of online fitness programs on the market that over-promise what they deliver, for that reason we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.


If you and your friends are looking to join at the same time, we offer group discounts. Get in touch to discuss referral programs and more!