Member Transformations & Testimonials.

Read some of our amazing reviews from our lovely clients.

Been working with Bexfit for a few months now. I’ve found having a training program specifically tailored to me and my goals has really taken my training up a level. She is really clued up and passionate about nutrition which is crucial for meeting your training goals. I’d highly recommend Bex for helping you get in shape!
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Alex Tanner-Smith
Bexifit had really helped me shape my goals and has given me tips and advice to get the most out of every workout. I’ve been doing this for a little while now and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. It’s great! Becca really cares and goes above and beyond to help you achieve your targets. Highly recommend.
Lydia Wheeler
Becca has taught me a lot more about nutrition and I now understand why protein is so important. Following Becca’s plan has made me accountable for what I am eating and has helped me to have a better mindset around food. I would definitely recommend her.
vicky r
I have found with the bexfit coaching service that I have kept on track even when I have had a bad week or a repeating injury. In the past I would have given up long ago. The help and advice that Becca gives really has kept me on track even when my injuries have prevented me from exercise. I feel my mindset has changed since starting the program which has help me daily. The weekly reviews help to keep an eye on the small things and allowed Becca to give real time advise to issues that I was having. The weekly goals are easy to follow and allow me to plan my food and exercise as I see fit. Overall, a great service and would recommend to all.
dan e
Daniel E
Becca is so passionate about what she does and she’s been such a massive help and inspiration to me over the last few months while I’ve been coached by her. She’s helped me go from someone who’s petrified of the gym to someone who trains consistently and has a better relationship with food. Highly highly highly recommend if you’re wanting a down to earth and motivating coach!
Hayleigh Easterbrook